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 Chemistry Teaching 


Chemistry Teaching 


 The Chemistry Teaching major aims to train chemistry professors for high school and professional education, making it possible to achieve broad theoretical, experimental and pedagogical knowledge in chemistry. This major also seeks to develop an investigative, ethical and critical posture, qualifying the graduates to be producers and disseminators of scientific and technological knowledge.

 Labor market

 Although teaching in the public or private sector is the predominant working field of the graduate in Chemistry, such professionals may also work in several industrial activities (food, cellulose and paper, cosmetic, pharmacy, fertilizers, metals, petrochemicals, polymers, cleaning products, paint, treatment of materials, among others), as well as in activities related to planning, coordination, research and development of chemical analyses in institutes, sugar and alcohol plants, water and sewage treatment plants, public agencies and service providers.


 Phone: +55 (34) 3331-3144

 Address: Av. Dr. Randolfo Borges Júnior, 1400 – Sala 109

Unidade II – Univerdecidade









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Type of Education:

Class meetings


Every semester

Nº of admissions per year:



Four years (eight semesters)

Class time:

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Admission requirement:

Complete High School




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