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 Food Engineering


Food Engineering


The Engineering programs at UFTM aim at the formation of generalist professionals with solid theoretical and practical knowledge, who are able to elaborate, implement and analyze technical and scientific projects, keep up to date with engineering technology evolution, as well as to develop research making use of new technologies. Besides being skilled to work administratively in the performance of engineering-related duties, such professionals should also have a humanistic knowledge of the nation social reality, aiming to meet the nation expectations concerning ethics, safety, legislation and environmental impacts.

 Labor market 

The increase in the consumption of processed food in Brazil is responsible for the expansion of the Food Engineering labor market. Such professionals are hired by the agricultural, food and beverage industries to work directly in the production line, managing people and processes related to quality control, sales and development of new products. With his or her expertise in food production, storage, packaging and handling, the food engineering may also work in industries of equipment, packaging and additives.


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Unidade Univerdecidade

Avenida Doutor Randolfo Borges Júnior, n º 1250

CEP: 38064-200

Uberaba - MG




Food Engineering



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Type of Education:

Class meetings


Once a year

Nº of admissions per year



Five years

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Full time

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Admission requirement:

Complete High School



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